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The locals of Atami continued to plant this variety all over the city.

Kawazu Cherry Blossoms are another variety that starts its blooming as early as February.

Cherry blossoms are a widely celebrated flower in Japan, known as "sakura", and are significant in Japanese history.

These short-lived pink flowers symbolize life, friendship, and are a cultural landmark of Japan itself.

The Japanese cherry blossom (sakura) has been a distinguished symbol of Japan for many centuries.

Cherry blossoms signal a time of renewal and also coincide with the Japanese calendar year.

Throughout history, the beauty of the cherry blossoms inspired many artworks and became an iconic symbol of the country.

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Japanese Cherry Blossom Festivals To add to the experience of seeing the beautiful sakura trees, there are frequent festivities that take place in various areas of Japan.

Even though the life of the cherry blossom is short, it is all the more reason to enjoy them to the fullest.

Sakura holds a deeper cultural meaning than its charming appearance.

This variety was first discovered in the 1950s in the Kawazu area.

Efforts were made to plant these specific sakura trees all over the city.

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